Holders and fittings from Knick provide safety and convenience when it comes to measuring pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. The product range extends from immersion, inline and flow-through fittings over retractable fittings up to fully automatic calibration and cleaning systems.

Our process fittings are suited for use in tough environments, e.g. at high pressures, high temperatures and in highly corrosive or aggressive media.

Our retractable fittings are the first choice for applications in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, oil and sugar. Also included in our portfolio: Knick retractable fitting for fiber optic sensors. Whether PVDF, PEEK or stainless steel – thanks to flexible in-house manufacturing our fittings are available in a variety of materials suitable for every process adaptation.

Immersion Fittings

Immersion fittings from Knick allow sensors to be introduced into tanks, boilers, or basins as well as into flow-carrying open channels. The fittings enable easy and safe replacement of the sensors as cleaning them using the built-in rinsing function. Thanks to their special and unique design and the broad range of available materials, the immersion fittings are highly variable and can be adapted to virtually every process.

Flow-Through Fittings

Flow-through fittings from Knick are used for measuring in a bypass or in the main stream with different flow directions. Their modular design makes them suitable for use in all conceivable processes. Up to three sensors can be used simultaneously. Different process connections and materials provide great flexibility of use. Other essential advantages are the individual sensor adaptations and cleaning equipment. In brief: Flow-through fittings from Knick solve specific measurement problems reliably, precisely – and in the long run.

Inline Fittings

Inline fittings from Knick are suitable for aggressive chemical processes as well as for process with..

SensoGate Retractable Fittings

The successful SensoGate retractable fittings, now also available as hygienic versions, are ideally suited for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic measurement, cleaning and calibration. The unique modular design offers all common process connections and enables easy replacement of the process-wetted parts. You can simply change from solid-electrolyte to pressurizable liquid-electrolyte sensors. SensoGate is available in various process-resistant materials: PVDF, PEEK, 1.4435, 1.4571 and Hastelloy.

Ceramat Retractable Fittings

The Ceramat is an automatic retractable fitting with unique ceramic sealing to the process. it is especially suited for extreme applications with difficult process media (corrosive, hot, toxic or under pressure). Two superpolished planar ceramic disks separate the calibration chamber from the process by a rotary movement. The ceramic seal is harder than steel and extremely resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical influences. Adjustment, cleaning and sensor replacement can be performed without interrupting the process. This guarantees highest availability and process safety. The Ceramat sensor lock-gate has proved to be successful in many difficult processes where fittings with conventional O-ring seals fail.